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Other Things

None of these places warrant their own category but they couldn't be left off the page either.  They're simply other things to do and see in Dongying.


Karaoke: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  And when in China, go to a karaoke bar.  Also known as KTVs, these places are everywhere.  However, they are not big rooms with one stage; instead you rent a private room where you and your friends can croon to each other while drinking and snacking.  Obviously the song menus are largely in Chinese, but the better places have healthy English song selections too.  The places below are some of the better KTVs in town, though your Chinese friends may have their favorites.

        杰杰 (jie jie) Party World, at the corner of Xi San Lu (Wu Tai Shan Lu) and Zi Bo Lu

        1,2,3,KTV, on Xi San Lu (Wu Tai Shan Lu) not far south of  杰杰Party World


Massage: One of the things that's right about China is that great, relaxing massages are super cheap.  Whereas you might easily pay the equivalent of 800 RMB for a massage in the US, here the priciest massages go for 150 RMB.  The problem in Dongying is that so many of the massage houses and spas are rather trashy because they also offer "special" services.  Below are two places that, as far as I can tell, are entirely on the level.  Below are also listed reasonable prices for the various types of massage usually offered.

        生命加油站 Sheng Min Jia You Zhan Life Gas Station, on Qingdao Lu not far from the intersection with Xi Si Lu.

        御足堂 Yu Zu Tang Imperial Foot House, right next to Life Gas Station.  As of writing, this place wasn't quite open yet.  I'm not even sure I have the first character right.  However, I did get to look around a bit and speak with the owner; it looks very nice, perhaps a little pricey.  As you may have noticed, it specializes in Japanese-style foot massages.

Prices at 生命加油站 Life Gas Station as of writing:
Hair Wash & 60-min. Head Massage = 30 RMB
Foot Wash & 80-min. Foot Massage = 60 RMB
Chinese-style 60-min. Full-Body Massage = 80 RMB
Thai-style 60-min. Full-Body Massage = 100 RMB

Squares: City squares are the major social centers for towns like Dongying.  In West City, the most prominent public gathering places are Shengli Square and Oil City Square, not very far from each other.  During the day, you'll find people roller skating, flying kites, playing cards, doing various and sometimes odd exercises, and simply strolling around.  At night, you'll find musical water shows, ballroom dancing, and couples finding private corners to sit together.  These are great places to people-watch and observe life in China.

胜利广场 Sheng Li Guang Chang Shengli Square

        油城广场 You Cheng Guang Chang Oil City Square

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