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Dongying Trivia

1) Dongying (东营) means "East Encampment" (such as a military one).  Ying (营) is also a verb that means "to run a business." 

2) The part known as West City (西城 Xi Cheng) is just about 20 years old.  It was founded and developed because of the Shengli Oil Field.  Consequently, everything in town is named Shengli something-or-other.  East City (东城 Dong Cheng) is about 10 years old.

3) Shengli (胜利) means "Victory" or "Success."

4) The population of the city is around 2 million, which in China counts as a level just above “village.”

5) The ocean is over an hour's drive away, giving the city a lot of great seafood restaurants.

6) The city has not one but two KFC franchises and at least 3 "California Beef Noodle King" franchises (which no, we don't have in California).

6) A McDonalds and Pizza Hut are supposedly coming soon, the hallmarks of a modern Chinese city.

7) There are a variety of cell phone service options that cost on average 0.10 RMB per minute ($0.012).  ADSL installation and a year's service cost 830 RMB ($100.28).

8) The city's population is divided into three categories: 1) 东营人 Dongying Ren - the locals who lived here before the oil field was founded; 2) 油田人 You Tian Ren - those employed by the oil company or a related industry and their families; 3) 外地人 Wai Di Ren - outsiders having nothing to do with the oil business.  Much of the per capita wealth is concentrated with the oil field people, a source of resentment among locals.  The first two groups have their own schools, housing complexes, and hospitals.  Some say they even have their own governments as West City belongs mostly to the Shengli Oil Company while East City was founded by the local government.

9) Summers are hot and muggy, averaging 35◦C (95◦F).  Autumns see a lot of flash, heavy rains and thunderstorms.  Locals say Winters get cold enough to snow but not much colder.

10) There are tiny bars all over the city but there is a concentration of them on Qingdao Lu.  Here you can pick your favorite place, teach them how to make your drinks the way you like them, then walk in like you own the place.  They'll remember you because you're their foreign regular, and they'll be sure to treat you right because you're better than a neon sign for attracting more patrons.  If there are a group of you, you can tell them what music to play. ... And kick people out you don't like.  Does that sound imperialistic to you?  Then get out of my bar.


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