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Getting Around ...

Taxis:  There are two kinds of taxis in Dongying, red and blue.  Blue taxis have air conditioning and are generally nicer and more comfortable.  Red taxis usually don't have air conditioning and are generally run down.  You would think red taxis are cheaper but in fact the opposite is true.  Their meters count up faster, though it would probably only make a noticeable difference on longer trips, such as to the airport.  So why would you take a red taxi?  Right, you wouldn't.  However, meters are rarely used in Dongying as just about any trip should cost 5 RMB.  Trips between East and West City should cost 20 RMB one way.  If you are taking a bit longer trip (like across town) or dropping off / picking up people at multiple stops, then 7 RMB is a fair fare.  Occasionally taxi drivers need convincing.

Motorcycle Taxis: These are useful for short hops when you don't feel like walking.  Unfortunately they aren't allowed on the main streets (Jinan Lu and Qingdao Lu) until after 6pm on weekdays.  Any short trip should cost 2 RMB no matter how many people are riding.  Longer trips, such as from the Jinan Lu/Xi Si Lu intersection to the Jinan Lu/Xi Er Lu intersection, cost 3 RMB.  Sometimes these drivers get a little excited when they see foreigners and will swear 'til they're hoarse that the fare is 3 or 4 RMB for any trip.  Hold out until they give up or get another taxi.  If you're insistent, it won't take long for them to grab the easy 2 RMB.

Bus: Dongying's bus system is still a mystery to me, but this is probably because I haven't made any effort to unravel it.  I at least know that bus stops are abundant throughout the city with the central station just off the Jinan Lu/Xi Si Lu intersection.  Buses are either 1 or 1.5 RMB and don't provide change.  Dongying buses are crowded by western standards but still aren't nearly as bad as those in larger cities.  Come on, taxis aren't that expensive.

Bicycle: Dongying is perfect for biking.  Bike lanes are about as wide as car lanes and the entirely city is flat, flat, flat.  I have several foreign friends who daily ride bicycles in China and claim it to be easy once you're used to it.  Still, you should consider this investment carefully before you brave Chinese traffic.  You can buy a shiny new bicycle for under 500 RMB if not much cheaper.  There is a huge bicycle store behind the Chang An Hotel (长安酒店) and next to the Shane English School (夏恩英语 Xia En Ying Yu).  Still, taxis really aren't that expensive, and walking is safer.


...and Getting Out of Here

Planes: Dongying's airport is only accessible by taxi or private car.  If you are flying into Dongying, be sure that someone will meet you at the airport as there are usually only a few taxis waiting.  From West City, a taxi ride to the airport should cost about 50 RMB on the meter (blue taxi) and take at most 30 minutes.  Check-in can be done up to 10 minutes before the flight without a rush.  Note, they are much pickier about carry-on luggage at this airport and may insist that you check any bags that can't easily fit in an overhead bin.  The airport completely shuts down soon after the flights for that day have finished.  The flight schedules can be easily memorized:

Beijing to Dongying: Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays on Shandong Airlines

        Departs: 17:25 (flight time = 55 minutes) Arrives: 18:20

        Price: 500 RMB one way, discounts available

Dongying to Beijing: Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays on Shandong Airlines

        Departs: 18:55 (flight time = 55 minutes) Arrives: 19:50

        Price: 500 RMB one way, discounts available

Shanghai to Dongying:  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays on Hainan Airlines

        Departs: 11:40 (flight time = 2 hours) Arrives: 13:40

        Price: 1,140 RMB one way, discounts available

Dongying to Shanghai:  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays on Hainan Airlines

        Departs: 17:20 (flight time = 2 hours) Arrives: 19:20

        Price: 1,140 RMB one way, discounts available


Trains: For some reason the Dongying train line runs to Nanjing, not Beijing or Shanghai.  At least it passes through Jinan, which is where most expats are interested in taking the train to.  However, the train is one of the least convenient ways to travel out of Dongying.  For this reason I know little about it.  Below is the information I have managed to gather on it.

Daily Departs Dongying at 15:27 ---- (4 hours to Jinan) ---- Stops briefly in Jinan around 19:30 costing 15 RMB ---- (11 more hours to Nanjing) ---- Arrives in Nanjing around 6:30.

As far as I can figure out, the train from Jinan arrives in Dongying at 5 or 5:30 in the morning.


  Buses: Buses are the easiest way to travel to and from Dongying.  They're certainly the most convenient way to get to anywhere else in Shandong, to Beijing and Tianjin.  Below is a complete schedule running from the West Bus Station (长途汽车站-西站 chang tu qi che zhan - xi zhan):

Printable Bus Schedule

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